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Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Toronto Home During Allergy Season

Allergy season is when people experience heightened symptoms due to exposure to various environmental allergens. In Toronto, allergy season typically runs from late March to early June and then again from August to October. Residents may experience sneezing, itchy eyes, a runny nose, and other symptoms during this time. 

This blog post will provide tips and tricks for cleaning your home during allergy season to help you breathe easier.

Understanding Allergies

During allergy season, common allergens found in Toronto homes include pollen from trees and grasses, mold spores, and dust mites. These allergens can enter your home through open windows, doors, and on your clothes and shoes. 

When these allergens are inhaled or come into contact with the skin or eyes, they can trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive people. Allergic reactions can range from mild symptoms like sneezing and a runny nose to severe symptoms like difficulty breathing and anaphylaxis in extreme cases.

It is important to be aware of these allergens and take steps to reduce their presence in your home during allergy season.

Tips for Cleaning Your Home for Allergy Season

Here are some tips for cleaning your home during allergy season:

Regular dusting and vacuuming

Dust and vacuum your home at least once a week to remove allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to trap allergens and prevent them from being recirculated into the air.

Washing bedding and linens

Wash your bedding and linens in hot water at least once a week to kill dust mites and remove pollen and other allergens.

Cleaning air ducts and changing air filters

Have your air ducts professionally cleaned and change your air filters every three months to prevent allergens from circulating throughout your home.

Using natural cleaning products

Use natural cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals, which can irritate allergies. For example, you can clean surfaces with a mixture of vinegar and water, or use baking soda to scrub sinks and tubs.

Hiring a professional cleaning service

A professional cleaning service can provide deep cleaning solutions to help reduce allergens in your home during allergy season. They use advanced equipment and techniques to clean and sanitize your home, leaving it free of allergens and other irritants.

By following these tips, you can help reduce allergens in your home and make allergy season more bearable. Hiring a professional cleaning service can also provide extra protection against allergens in your home.

Souqh’s Services for Allergy Season

Souqh is a marketplace that connects homeowners with service providers, including cleaning service professionals who specialize in deep cleaning homes during allergy season. Souqh’s cleaning service providers use advanced equipment and techniques to clean and sanitize homes, helping to reduce allergens and other irritants that can trigger allergy symptoms.

Souqh’s cleaning services for allergy season include deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces, as well as cleaning air ducts and changing air filters to improve indoor air quality. They use natural cleaning products to avoid harsh chemicals that can trigger allergies and irritate sensitive skin.

By hiring cleaning service professionals using Souqh’s marketplace, Toronto residents can breathe easier and enjoy allergy season with less symptoms. The deep cleaning services can help alleviate the presence of allergens in your home, which can help you feel more comfortable and healthy during allergy season.

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