6 Digital Hacks For Mortgage Brokers To Stand Out In A Competitive Market

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Mortgage brokerages have a highly competitive online climate. 

The hurdle is on the growing amount of brokers and finding the right digital strategies. Winging it is not enough, and the pandemic made it so. Now, how will you tackle this without the overwhelm and the stress?

Here are 6 digital hacks every mortgage broker should know to stand out in this intense market.

Set Yourself Apart From The Competition With Other Brokers

Eyes on the prize, or for brokers, rake up commissions. But in these post-pandemic times, an effective digital strategy paves the way to mortgage market success. 

Digitization is inevitable. So, if you're a broker who wants to break the traditional mold, change your approach. Tweak your mindset and go digital!

6 Digital Hacks for Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers

Be creative with technology and try these 6 digital hacks we compiled to help you grow your acquired leads into processed loans.

1. Be Mobile Savvy

Make shopping for mortgage lenders less intimidating. 

Social distancing mandates brought the convenience of mobile options to light. From online shopping, dating, and entertainment, consumers expect to maximize the use of their smartphones. 

A seamless mortgage application through mobile? It sure spells stress-free on both the borrower and the broker. Think about lesser costs, speed up processes, and high conversions. 

2. Spruce Up Your Email Marketing

Email marketing generates ROI like no other. 

It's all about cultivating relationships with potential clients. Use email sequences with catchy and relevant content to keep a good conversation going. Aside from its ease of getting started, it also delivers targeted messages.

Just an insider tip, choose a platform that offers a money-back guarantee or free trial to test if they fit with your needs.

3. Boost up Those Socials

Your online brand is your digital direct lender lifeline. 

Let your social media channels stick with relationship-building content even when offering your lender services and loan products. It's the edge you are looking for to stand out from your competitors. Highlight your employees, showcase clients' testimonials, and share internal company news.

Brand recall is a many splendored thing, so make your socials count.

4. Explore Paid Advertising

Lead magnets don't come in easy, but paid advertising, if done right, can do the job and more.

Google Ads and Facebooks Ads are famous magic words in innovative marketing strategies. By paid advertising, you target users who search about mortgage-related topics at a specific time. 

Paid social media marketing allows you to curate the placement of your ad. This helps you and your loan officers to be at the right time in the digital place.

5. Automate Document Workflow

In your quest to being client-centric, ease of document management should be in front and center.

Don't miss out on using online platforms that will make your processes more automated and optimized. Invest wisely in having a streamlined document workflow. Just make sure to address compliance concerns. Whether it's initial listing agreements, contracts, and other piles of real estate paperwork, set up an automated workflow.

Choose an automation tool that can get everything done from start to finish with ease.

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