Real Estate Branding: 3 Ways for Agents to Build a Personal Brand Online

Real Estate Branding: 3 Ways for Agents to Build a Personal Brand Online

How do you avoid becoming just another face in a crowded sea of real estate agents? Well, for starters, by building a personal brand online! It's true. Real estate branding is one of the most important and most overlooked strategies for growing your real estate business. 

3 Real Estate Branding Tips to Build a Personal Brand Online

At the end of a long day, the last thing you have time for is working on your branding. Not to mention, it can be tough to do. But we're going to make it easy for you! Here are some straightforward ideas to start building your personal brand online today.

1. Grow your social media following

Growing your social media following feels overwhelming. Maybe your followers seem to hover around the same number for months on end no matter what you do.

But once you start focusing specifically on growing your following on different platforms, it's incredible how this effort can pay off.

To have a following, you need to have a presence. That means showing up! Show up on your social media platforms regularly, whether in the form of an Instagram story, a tweet, or a Facebook update. You don't need to do all of them—but pick one or two platforms and show up consistently.

You can also do several things to get more attention on these platforms and incentivize people to follow you. As an agent focusing on real estate branding, one of the best ways is teaming up with local businesses.

For example, at your next open house, offer coffee for all guests from a local coffee shop. Reach out to that coffee shop to see if they would be interested in sharing about your open house and how they can get a free cup of their coffee there. 

Alternatively, you could team up with a local shop or restaurant for a giveaway that can only be entered if users follow both of your accounts. 

2. Start a newsletter

When you start your newsletter, it becomes just that: yours! A newsletter is a great opportunity to establish your real estate branding by building your online presence and connecting with new clients.

Your newsletter allows you to tell your own brand story, too. Rather than being limited by 280 characters in a tweet or a brief paragraph in a Facebook post, you can dig deeper into your brand with a newsletter. 

Figure out a sustainable model for distributing your newsletter to start. Once a week might be too audacious, but once a month could be more feasible.

Use this newsletter as an opportunity to personalize yourself, promote your listings, share helpful real estate insights, and just generally provide value for your reader. Even if it's not always real estate-related, providing value to your readers can ultimately be what keeps your name at the front of their minds when it does come time for them to buy or sell a property. 

3. Get online

Do you have a personal website yet? When it comes to real estate branding in 2021, an online presence is a must. And as it turns out, your website is one of the best ways to do this. You also give yourself search engine advantages with your website, so your name appears in results when people look for realtors in your area. 

On top of SEO bonuses, a personal website helps you showcase your listings, expertise, grow your newsletter subscribers, and just generally establish a presence online. 

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