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Dear General Contractor, It’s Time to Wake up & Go Digital

Fitting in is a failure, especially in a competitive market such as home improvement and real estate. For general contractors going digital, is a road they travel less because of “too much” newness and uncertainty, especially when the traditional ways, often manual approaches, are working fine for them. But are they? 

Here’s a secret from the digital side. Going digital can save you, dear general contractors, from a life of stifling and tight business workflow. 

Digitization is something you never knew you needed until it fed you with easy-breezy perks to connect with your biggest market.

Going digital is no longer an option but a necessity

The name of the game is lead generation.

In the post-pandemic time where mobility of people is more limited, where and how will you find your potential clients? They’re in the digital space, always looking for ways to utilize the sorcery that is technology. Think about your Amazon deliveries, Uber, and other online services that make you sigh of relief.

Digital transformation, in short, will keep you abreast of your clients’ nuances and needs. And since the economic environment is ever-changing based on technology and innovation, you and your business can understand emerging market demands. 

It’s not a matter of preference anymore. Diving into the digital realm is your business lifeline. 

4 Digital Tactics Your Business Will Benefit From

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Digitalization and digitization are your real estate must-haves. If you feel lost and unsure when it comes to this kind of innovation, then you’re reading the right piece. Here are four digital tactics that are the be-all and end-all for every general contractor’s post-Covid transformation.

1. Quality content is the digital king

Powerful content reigns supreme. 

What makes quality content is its usefulness and relevance. As a general contractor, you have a good idea of a homeowners’ frustrations and challenges. Think about the range of emotions evoked in a blog, a video, a meme, or a picture. What about renovating and repairing houses resonate with your existing and potential clients? Shed light on the struggles and wins in every stage of construction, give tips and hacks on selecting the best vendors and subcontractors. 

The more your content connects with your market, the better the recall and credibility rate you’ll gain.

2. Network to generate more work

Take our word for it. Social media is the goldmine of digital networking.

In scoring new clients and closing more deals, consider where everyone is connecting most. Strategize how you will approach every platform available. There is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Clubhouse and more. Each of these has a specific nuance. Some are image-centric, like Instagram and Pinterest, while Facebook fosters groups and pages. As for LinkedIn, it’s the best platform to connect while showing your digital resume.

Use social media features to get your maximum outreach as a general contractor, and remember, it’s all about socialization.

3. Automize as you mean it

You’re one automized workflow away from closing more deals.

Improving your business operations is inevitable if you want to thrive in the post-pandemic market. Make it your goal to reduce manual work and utilize tools and platforms to make your work more efficient. Explore ideas and avenues where you can streamline processes such as CRM, e-commerce, messaging, document management, audio/video support and digital marketing. 

It’s still the same general contractor operations, only simplified and significantly easy.

4. Join

You’re apprehensive. The online world can get confusing, but it’s worth taking a chance at, just like every investment for a business.

Straight up, you’re a general contractor looking for the easiest way to get into the digitization of your business without going through unnecessary hoops. Have you ever imagined stress free end-to-end dealings with your clients and suppliers, in other words, a win-win deal? By going digital, this ease of running your business is possible. We call it the Souqh philosophy. 

The online world has many platforms which help contractors generate leads, but that’s where they stop. Just get the customer to the GC and charge them a lead/commission.

Souqh is different – it helps clients find them, connect with them and complete all the steps for their transaction on the platform while being a digital transformation partner for general contractors.

So yes, take the digital route and choose the right digitization partner that has everything you need under one roof, and that’s

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