11 Digital Marketing Tips for the Traditional Real Estate Agent

11 Digital Marketing Tips for the Traditional Real Estate Agent

Change is hard but worth it. Switching from a traditional marketing approach to digital is without a doubt a big challenge. Traditional is comfortable, safe but sadly… outdated. The world is going digital and they expect you to be there! Your real estate clients want to find you online. And your prospective clients are likely to find you that way in the first place.

The good news: you can implement digital marketing strategies directly into your business. You also don’t have to spend your evenings on Instagram (or Facebook, for that matter).

Now, breathe a sigh of relief and dig into these 11 digital marketing strategies you might not have considered.

11 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Real Estate Business

Here are 11 simple ways you can enter the digital world, and reach more leads, without completely changing your world.

1. Commit to online

First things first: you need to commit to getting online in any way you can. This means familiarizing yourself with different platforms (note: this doesn't mean you need to utilize all of them—just be familiar with them!)

2. Meet your avatar

Creating a real estate avatar is another great digital marketing strategy to get you started. Realtors create their "ideal client" AKA: their avatar, and use this avatar in all of their marketing strategies—not just digital. When you create your avatar, you'll think of things like their age, occupation, interests...get as specific as you can. And of course, you'll give them a name! Then, start creating digital marketing material based specifically on what would reach your avatar.

(Take a look at this free customer avatar worksheet to help you start)

3. Start a list

Building a subscriber list is a powerful asset for any real estate agent. You can ask your social media followers and website visitors to opt-in to your list to receive regular updates. And who knows, one of these subscribers just might be the next buyer of that property you showcase in your next email. 

4. Plan regular updates

Implementing digital marketing strategies is one thing. But consistently keeping up with these strategies is another! Make sure your plan is one you can stick with and keep up with consistently. To help you do this, plan regular updates ahead of time. That way, you're not scrambling each day to come up with content to share. 

5. Refresh your website

If your website hasn't been updated in a few years, it's time! Your clients deserve (and expect) a modern, user-friendly website. This demonstrates professionalism, and in a highly visual business, the importance of a good-looking website can't be overstated. 

6. Involve local businesses in your digital marketing strategies

Collaborating with local businesses or charities not only helps give back to the community, but it's also a great way to spread your digital marketing reach. In many cases, you can benefit from these other businesses' existing social media following and gain traction when they post about your shared efforts.

7. Start a blog

You might be wondering why on earth a realtor would need a blog...but it's virtually a "must" in this day and age! Regular, high-quality blog content gives you an incredible SEO advantage and a leg up on any other realtors who don't market this way. You can talk about all sorts of home-related topics in addition to real estate. 

This is also a great place to include opt-ins for subscribers to your list!

8. Automate your social media

Remember what we said about scrambling to update your social media each day? This is why automating your social media will pay off in a big way. Whether you automate your posts yourself or hire someone to do this for you, you'll have the peace of mind that your content is regularly updated, fresh, and working for you.

9. Share your testimonials

Maybe you don't have a lot of new listings right now so you're struggling to come up with content to share online. Chances are, you have a gold mine of content in the form of customer testimonials! You can go ahead and incorporate these into blog posts, social media posts, or website content. 

10. Create a Google My Business listing

This is a powerful tool at your disposal for building an online presence. Not only does it provide SEO benefits, but it's also an effective lead generation tool for realtors. When prospective clients search online for realtors in their area, this helps ensure you show up in the results. For step-by-step guidance for adding or claiming your business on Google, click here.

11. Don’t try to be everywhere

Get to know the different social media platforms and focus on a few that speak to you...and your client avatar!

If you stretch yourself too thin your content will start to lose value. Focus on a few certain areas that you want to market so that your developing leads learn more about you. Spend more time fishing in the same pond and you’ll get more bites, spend time going from lake to lake and you’ll never have a chance!

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